16 Advice to Keep Your Body Healthy by Changing Your Routine Nutrition

The motto of appropriate nutrition: moderation and naturalness in everything; it should provide the right combination of nutrients in the daily diet of a person and replenish the energy costs of the body. Improper nutrition leads to a decline in strength, and eventually, the metabolism is disrupted.

It is possible to formulate the necessary nutrition principles that should be followed to keep the body healthy and balanced:

  1. Do not eat frozen food – it quenches the internal digestive fire. Digestive enzymes are produced at the temperature of the human body, so food should be warmed up moderately.


  1. The food should be thoroughly chewed – it helps to allocate saliva and enzymes that break food. Poorly chewed pieces fall into the intestines, decay and form total blockages of faecal matter, and toxins enter the blood.


  1. One portion should be of the size of folded palms. A significant amount of food increases the stomach and stretches the intestines, which causes squeezing of nearby organs and disrupts their healthy blood supply.


  1. Try to eat only when you feel hunger and, accordingly, to the established regime. Remember,  that the gastrointestinal tract is most active in the morning and in the afternoon, by the evening its activity decreases, and at night, digestive enzymes are practically not produced.


  1. Make your nutrition variable. Let healthy food become delighted and not a constant reminder of forbidden harmful products.


  1. Do not eat after 7 pm. In extreme cases, if you are hungry, drink milk, eat an apple or an orange.


  1. Eat only natural products, including raw vegetables, fruits and cereals to your daily ration. Vegetable oil should be at least 30% of incoming fat. Fish and meat are best used in the boiled and baked form.


  1. Separate consumption of proteins and carbohydrates is recommended, they have different digestion times and require different enzymes.


  1. Do not eat much when you feel too emotional. At moments of emotional outbursts, intestinal membranes that produce digestive enzymes stop, do not absorb food and remain a ballast in the intestines, then decompose and cause the appearance of pathogenic bacteria.


  1. New products that are still unknown to your body, you need to enter to the diet gradually. Your organism can react incorrectly to them, and as a result, you will get an upset stomach. This is especially true for the exotic cuisine of other countries.


  1. Eat cereals for breakfast. Cereal is full of enormous amount of vitamins and minerals. In general, an ideal breakfast is a meal with pieces of dried fruits, bananas or apples.


  1. The diet should correspond to the biological rhythms of the body, the greatest amount of food should be consumed in the daytime.


  1. Fruits and vegetables should consist at least 60% of the daily diet; this will help to adjust the acid-base balance.


  1. Another secret of proper nutrition is water. You should not drink it while eating, but before and after it. Drink water in 20-30 minutes before eating, and an hour after eating.


  1. Eat foods that are specific to your living area, the ability to digest them is laid down at the genetic level.


  1. We replace the usual harmful products with useful ones. How it works: sugar substitute honey, fat pork – low-fat veal, we change sunflower oil for more helpful olive, fat sour cream or cream – for low-fat yoghurt.

There is no secret in understanding the essence of proper nutrition: it must provide the normal functioning of the human body, resistance to environmental influences, activity and maximum life expectancy.

According to the concept of proper nutrition, the number of incoming carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be in a proportion of 60:20:20%. There should be necessary vitamins, trace elements, fibre, pectins in daily nutrition. The amount of water everyone should drink daily is 2.5 litres. You should always remember that when you eat, you build your body and ensure its health.

The resources laid in the human body, according to scientists, allow us to live to 115 years. By knowing the secrets of the work of our body, and using the 16 principles of proper nutrition, you can fully reach these indicators.

So try to keep yourself healthy by controlling your daily nutrition and you will create the body of your dreams and will feel healthy all your life!