3 Ways to Clean Tap Water at Home

It is well known that tap water is not suitable for drinking. Let’s examine how to clean it at home without buying expensive built-in filters.

Settled water

Chlorinated tap water is not tasty and smells terrible. But chlorination is necessary to neutralize microorganisms present in water. It is not recommended to drink chlorinated water; chlorine can accumulate in the body and during boiling forms very harmful chemical compounds.

But you can neutralize the action of chlorine by settling the water. Simply pour tap water into a large container and leave for 7-8 hours. The impurities of heavy metals and chlorine compounds during this time will evaporate. Use ¾ of settling water for drinking, pour the rest.

Ice filter

Pour tap water into plastic bottles and place them in the freezer. Wait about half of each bottle freezes. Pour out not frozen water. Thawe ice and use it for drinking. The idea of ​​this method of water purification is that pure water freezes first, and most impurities remain. Even sea ice mainly consists of fresh water, despite the fact that it forms on the surface of a saline water body.

It is important to know: If the ice looks turbid, the water from it is saturated with harmful substances, so do not use it.