4 Unusual Recipes with Salmon Fish

Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods we have ever known. It’s also tasty, versatile and widely available. Such fish is fatty, loaded with nutrients and may reduce risk factors for several diseases.  It has a unique, delicate flavor with a less “fishy” taste than many other fatty fish, such as sardines and mackerel.
We traditionally serve this fish to the festive table. There are a lot of dishes with salmon fish. We offer you several delicious snacks that can be cooked with fresh-salted and fresh salmon.


Slice the brown bread in small slices, dry in a toaster or oven. Lubricate each slice with cream cheese, lay chopped pieces of salmon above, decorate with basil.

Fish bulbs

Prepare 200 g of minced meat from the tail of fresh fish. Add 2 tablespoons of feta, 1 small egg. Mix them and form balls the size of a walnut. Roll in breadcrumbs and quickly fry. Serve on short skewers with tartar sauce.

Muss with salmon

Put 150 g of lightly salted or smoked salmon in the blender bowl, add 100g of curd cheese and whisk them all together. Serve in mini-tartlets or on slices of fresh cucumber.

Salt down the salmon by yourself

Cut the fish on the fillet, remove the bones. You will need 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar for 1 kg of fish. Mix the spices, grate the fillets and leave in the tray under the film for the night, then turn the fillet skin up and move it to the refrigerator.

Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse that provides several impressive health benefits. Including this fatty fish as a regular part of your diet may very well improve your quality of life. Consuming at least two servings per week can help you meet your nutrient needs and reduce the risk of several diseases.