Meeting with the professional hairstylist Monica Davis

Going to a party or just want to look perfect every day? Our stylist will teach you how to create great and textured curls and waves,as well as quickly transform them into light air hairstyles with a brush that straightens hair that you can repeat without problems!

When? Wednesday, February 10, 2018, at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Where? место

To sign up for the meeting call: +1 152 152 1452

Get acquainted with Monica Davis before the meeting by reading the interview.

Monica, how did you come into this profession?

When I was a child, I used to do hairstyles to all of my friends. The girls laughed and said that I was a future hairdresser, although I just liked to play in the hairdresser game. At the age of 13, I started to read literature and made clippings from magazines and newspapers on hairdressing art.

What is a beauty for you?

Beauty can be different. Perhaps, the most important –  is the ability to monitor yourself, your clothes, hair and, of course, the inner state.

Who inspires you?

I have a large list of such people. I admire Patrick Cameron and Dolores Kondrashova, for example. And two more leaders of the world beauty industry – the brothers Tony and Gaius Mascolo.
You are not only creative person but a beauty creator. And beauty is a terrible power. What trends in style, hairstyles, and makeup would you have crossed out of the beauty industry, if you had such an opportunity?

In the modern world, unfortunately, unconventional images become popular: girls become boys, boys become girls, and this is most frightening. We can say that beauty is a terrible force. If we talk about trends in the usual sense, nothing can be crossed out. Colorists, make-up artists make up new color scales, combine and experiment with colors. If before 2000 warm, pastel colors were popular, then the modern style is full of brightness and multicolor.

Can you unlock a couple of secrets of a remarkable appearance? How to look always at 100%?

Sleep enough, always keep yourself on a top and do not forget that you always worth the best. Use high quality products, like my bamboo toothbrush.

Cooking Master Class from Puck Wolfgang

The 28th of January the cooking master class will be organised and held by Main S.T Cafe. Puck Wolfgang, the Chief of Main S.T Cafe, will share his knowledge and skills with you.
Puck Wolfgang (born March 15, 1983) is a Texas chef, vice-champion of S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup (2013), chef of the restaurant “White Rabbit” in Dallas. In 2014, the restaurant “White Rabbit”, was included in the list of 100 best restaurants in the world. On June 1, 2015, Dallas hosted the award of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015 sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna. The real sensation of the rating was the success of the Dallas restaurant White Rabbit, which rose immediately by 48 points (from 71st in 2014) and took 23rd place.
“When I come to Dallas, I tried to prepare dishes that can be repeated by everyone at home. – said, Puck Wolfgang. – On the master class, I will share with you such easy and quick recipes. They are simple and very unusual as well. Basic ingredients can be bought in a regular grocery store. But I also like to bring unfamiliar rare ingredients so that you can try and order them on the Internet: seeds of chia, nut butter, vegetable milk, vegan cheese and the notorious kale.”
DATE: February 22
TIME: 19:00
LOCATION: Main S.T Cafe, Deep Ellum, 3311 Elm St., Dallas
Dishes that will be cooked on the master-class:

  • Roast in pots by old recipe/ Grayling, baked with herbs
  • Pancakes with red caviar, sour cream, honey and berries
  • Cold soup of fresh cucumbers with ricotta and mint.
  • Risotto with cuttlefish ink.
  • Italian pizza
  • Stewed meat in a pot
  • Julienne with chicken and mushrooms
  • Chicken lagman

The participation in the master-class is free.
Contact us +125 25 252 to make a reservation.
For any other information about the master class feel free to write us on

The Revolutionary Master Class | Molecular cuisine

Molecular cuisine is based on the application of precise scientific facts that allow achieving a change in the state, colour and taste of substances, relying on scientific discoveries in the field of physics, chemistry and cooking. Therefore, it is quite tricky to cook such dishes alone. For those who are interested in molecular cuisine, we offer some entertaining master classes on molecular dishes. During which, in an exciting form, you will see how the game with temperatures, the texture of the product, transforms into an unusual shape of any product, dish or ingredient. After all, the molecular cuisine is distinguished by special visual effects, when the resulting dish looks, for example, like an egg, but in fact, consists entirely of other ingredients and has an unexpected taste.

The program and cost of a culinary master class include:

  • aperitif (drink and snacks);
  • products and equipment for cooking thematic dishes;
  • the work of the chef as an instructor for guests;
  • recipes and help in preparing meals included in the menu;
  • tasting and excellent mood;
  • certificate of the participation in a culinary master class.

In our Main S. T. Cafe, anyone can learn how to cook the most sophisticated and delicious dishes under the guidance of skilled and experienced chefs. The space of open kitchen is well equipped: we have ten autonomous working areas, equipped with the best machinery. That is why our culinary master classes are always exciting and informative.

In addition to the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in creating various dishes and snacks, we guarantee warm friendly atmosphere, pleasant communication, tastefully selected music and wine, new acquaintances and interesting gastronomic discoveries.

The closest Molecular cuisine master-class will be held on February 27, 2018
The cost of the master class is $50.
For more information about the master-class call + 125 201 25 20.
Feel free to write us on